The Evolution of Astrology: Ancient Practices in the Modern World
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The Evolution of Astrology: Ancient Practices in the Modern World

While the practice of astrology reaches back thousands of years, the modern practice you see today has many innovations. This results in a potentially greater benefit to those who take the time to learn what the stars and planets have to say. For example, accurate horoscopes provide guidance that covers a lot of ground, and could help you deal with relationship matters, spiritual mysteries and career conundrums.

How Did Astrology Originate?

The earliest recorded mentions of astrological wisdom reach back more than 3,000 years. Its broadest sense refers to gaining knowledge from the sky. Often this took the form of learning the phases of the moon and understanding the yearly cycles of star and planet movements. This all had practical applications that involved the tides of the ocean and the knowledge of the seasons in connection with agriculture.

As a spiritual being, humankind sought answers to more perplexing questions in the stars. This quest for knowledge manifested itself in nearly all highly advanced civilization, including the following cultures:

  • The Mesopotamia Culture of 1950-1651 BCE 
  • The Babylonian Culture of around 1700 BCE
  • The Chinese Culture of 1046-250 BCE
  • The Egyptian Culture of 300-100 BCE

While people might not have had access to such modern-day tools as a Cancer daily horoscope during these periods, people who lived in ancient times still might have consulted top thinkers about astrological messages. For instance, people would have shown an interest in solar and lunar eclipses, the appearance of comets and even the motions of the stars and planets. Throughout all ages, interest in astrology ebbed and flowed, but some practitioners always kept astrology alive.

How Modern Astrology Differs From Its Ancient Origins

While no clear division exists for modern astrology and ancient astrology, many observers identify the late 19th century as the appearance of modern astrology. Before this time, much of the knowledge was only available to the wealthy and could not be read in many books. Modern astrology also uses many of the insights that came with advances in psychology and nearly everyone now has access to the wisdom found in astrology.

Another welcome advance came in the form of astrology psychic readings. This further promoted the access of astrological principles to a wider audience, thus allowing for more benefits. While you can  learn much astrology on your own, having a trusted guide allows you to learn at a faster pace and can clarify complicated concepts dealing with the motions and influences of celestial bodies.

Modern astrology also places importance on the reading of natal or birth charts. These charts do have some complexity, so having a guide to help allows you to progress more quickly on your journey of self discovery. This information can steer you in the right direction and put you on your best path to reach your full potential.

Knowing the history of astrology and understanding its evolution makes for interesting information. Modern astrology builds on the past while constantly looking for better methods. Take advantage of a psychic reading in astrology today by connecting online.

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