Early Signs of Prostate Cancer With Advance PSMA PET Scan
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Early Signs of Prostate Cancer With Advance PSMA PET Scan

Prostate cancer is one of the prevalent health concerns in men and the condition in India is alarming. The cases of prostate cancer have risen over the past few years especially among the older people. As there are several risk factors which are associated with developing prostate cancer are diabetes, obesity, smoking, less physical activity and vasectomy. Specialised doctors warn against delay in diagnosis and treatment as it may lead to metastasis and death. As the age increases the risk of developing prostate cancer also increases. Commonly initial symptoms of prostate cancer are either ignored or neglected, initially present as lower urinary tract symptoms, enlargement of prostate but when it is spread it causes backache, bone fracture, urinary tract obstruction, rectal pain and chronic kidney failure. If these symptoms are ignored or neglected it may lead to an advanced stage of cancer. So it is important to take it seriously and consult with your rustable physician as soon as possible.

If you ever hear about prostate cancer then you must have heard about the PSMA-PET Scan. PSMA stands for Prostate- specific membrane antigen. PSMA is a protein which is found in higher amounts in an individual who is suffering from prostate cancer. For evaluation PSMA PET scan is commonly advised, to perform this scan, a doctor will inject a radioactive tracer agent via iv in the arm of the patient which attracts the PSMA cells. Then a scanning is done with a PET scan machine that creates the images of the entire body.

The radioactive substance brightens the PSMA cells, so that doctors can detect the prostate cancer cells if they are present and also localise the area where they are. PET Scan also evaluates the spread to other parts of the body.

Precise Diagnosis, Staging and early treatment intervention with PSMA PET CT Scan

The NABH approved diagnostic centre in Delhi provides PSMA PET CT scan at an affordable price which is incredibly exciting news for patients who are suffering and the future diagnosis of prostate cancer and treatment. 

PEMA PET scanning is the best way to detect prostate cancer as it lights up on the PET Scan. As it is very sensitive for detection of early signs of prostate cancer. 

Ganesh Diagnostic and imaging centre equipped with advanced radiation technologies for treating all different types of tests. 

Ganesh Diagnostic and imaging centre in Delhi is one of the finest  diagnostic centres which is known for pathology labs, ultrasounds, CT scan, MRI and nuclear medicine tests.You can book PET CT scan online in a hassle free way. The finest diagnostic centre is a requirement for the best quality of accuracy and that is the thing that they endeavour to give.Also they provide the test reports within 24 hours, hence it is highly comfortable to the patients of getting results on time. 

The ongoing collaboration between best health care providers and diagnostic centres underscores a commitment to providing men with the best possible tools in the fight against prostate cancer.

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